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Acitivités Estivales 2019

Decouvrez l'Olympiaregion Seefeld

Avec notre programme d’activités estivales, nous vous avons concocté 16 aventures inoubliables quel que soit votre âge. Exclusivement et gratuitement avec l’Olympiaregion Seefeld Card.



Your digital holiday companion

Olympia will be informing you about events, nice trips, open huts and much more during your holidays. For the moment this free of charge service is only available in Germain, but I'm sure the english version will follow soon.... .

Seefeld's Tuesday Market

Fresh foodstuffs from local farms

Every Tuesday from June, 4th up to September, 3rd local farmers present their products. Mountain cheese - Tyrolean ‘grey cheese’ - semi-hard cheese - oil-marinated cheese - camembert and many other cheese specialities. Farmhouse butter /Alp butter - quark - yoghurt. Farmhouse bread - cakes - pasta - various kinds of dumplings - herb salt - herb vinegar - herb oil. Tyrolean ‘Speck’ bacon - various sausage specialities - meat pastes - smoked trout from Leutasch. Honey - honey-based products - jams - chutneys - herb teas - fruit/vegetable juices. Apple juice - cordials - liqueurs - schnaps. Local, seasonal field and garden products that grow here in our region including lettuces - vegetables - herbs - berries - fruit. And special homemade, handcrafted produced made by local farmers’ wives including sheep’s wool, animal hides, knitted socks - herbal pillows - marigold salve - candles - herbal bath products - various arts and crafts. 

Village festival

July, 27th at Kurpark Seefeld

Numerous local clubs and associations join forces every year to organise a memorable event with toe-tapping rhythms and mouth-watering treats in Seefeld’s centre. A wide variety of attractions, like dance performances of the local group “Seefelder Plattler“, culinary highlights, as well as live performances, entertainment and live music ensure a fantastic atmosphere during this convivial festival in the centre of Seefeld.Foto: Tourismusverband, Stephan Elsler. 

ICE Direkt-Verbindungen

Bequem mit der DB bis nach Seefeld

Ganzjährig an können Sie von Dortmund über Köln und Frankfurt direkt mit dem ICE bis nach Seefeld in Tirol reisen. An Freitagen von Dortmund nach Seefeld, an Sonntagen retour. Zudem gibt es ganzjährig an Samstagen ICE-Verindungen von Hamburg über Hannover nach Seefeld. Foto: Inside Bahn - Deutsche Bahn